Support Econ Illinois: Volunteer!

Volunteer Picture

A Chicago After School Matters group spent a day visiting NIU in early December. The NIU Accounting Department, Econ Illinois, Kevin Tunney and other accounting professionals, and a graduate student volunteered their time to talk with the group about potential careers and applicable skills.

Econ Illinois is the premier provider of economic and financial literacy education programs in Illinois. We help educators incorporate economics in K-12 schools, as well as individuals and families. It truly takes a village to maintain the excellence that Econ Illinois is known for throughout the state.

Volunteers Needed in the Following Areas:

Organizational Support:

  • General Office Support
  • Assistance at Fundraising Events
  • Marketing

Educational Programming Support:

  • Assisting with Student Contests
  • Classroom Speakers
  • Joining a panel presentation for teachers
  • Get involved in STEM career events (booth or panel presentations)

We thrive because of our volunteers. If you would like to learn more about the volunteer opportunities available, please contact Econ Illinois,