Instructional Resources

The primary source of curriculum and educational activities for use with the SMG program should be the SMG program's Teacher Support Center accessed through a registered teacher's login and password. In addition to those resources, materials found on the Econ Illinois web site, in this section, will help the SMG teacher teach about the stock market, teach research, and incorporate current events into their classroom lessons.

  • Taking Stock - This handout is ideal for distribution to students at the very beginning of the SMG unit. Students take stock of the products they use in their daily life. When the team has their first meeting, they discuss the products on their lists, use Yahoo Finance to research the company's name, history and stock symbol, current price and historical data. The team will discuss which of the companies from their lists, if any, they want to purchase for their portfolio. This resource helps students to put into practice the principle "buy what you know."
  • Glossary -  This 8-page glossary of terms, taken from the online publication Beyond the Market, Into the Classroom, clearly defines terms found in all lessons; terms commonly used in the stock market; terms students will find in their portfolio reports.
  • Dividends - A common question among Stock Market Game participants is, "How are Dividends handled in the SMG portfolio?" This document provides the explanation.
  • Alphabet -This colorful activity helps students think about "products" and "companies". Students give product or company names to letters of the alphabet that are taken from product packaging. Answer sheet included. This activity can be projected on a screen for the entire class, as opposed to reproducing in color for each student.
  • When You Sell Short - Explains selling short and the risks involved. Includes mathematical formulas for short sell and short cover transactions.
  • Meet Your Margin - This handout explains the concept of buying on margin and how it impacts buying power in the SMG. 
  • Maximum Equity Rule - Explanation of the Illinois rule limiting the amount of money a team may invest in any one company. Includes the formula for calculating current maximum equity.
  • S&P 500 Index Comparison - The Regional Rankings report shows each team's comparison to the S&P 500 Index. This resource Includes the formula for calculating the value listed as "% Return Above/Below S&P 500 Growth."


  • Trading Bonds - Step-by-step procedure for how to purchase Corporate, Municipal or Treasury Bonds in the SMG portfolio. Includes screen captures.
  • Bonds and the SMG - This PowerPoint presentation will help the SMG teacher see how Bonds are included as part of the SMG portfolio. It is not an instructional presentation for students - it is specifically for the SMG teacher.
  • Bonds 101 - This PowerPoint helps the viewer learn about Bonds. In general, this PPT is helpful for both the teacher and student learner.

Mutual Funds

  • Mutual Funds and the SMG - Offers answers to "Why should teachers include Mutual Funds in the SMG?" Defines Mutual Funds, types of funds and types of Mutual Funds, and how one can make money investing in Mutual Funds
  • The Investment Company Institute (ICI) web site is an excellent starting point for SMG teachers and students new to mutual funds. The ICI web site is commercial free. 
  • is another good source for mutual fund information. Visit their "Investing Classroom" for an introduction to mutual funds and fund investment strategies. They also offer news and fund research tools. However, it should be noted that Morningstar is a commercial site that allows advertising.

Using media with the SMG Program