Classroom Management Resources

Resources provided here will assist the teacher in setting up the class and managing the ten-to fifteen week or year-long simulation's integration into the course or class schedule.

  • Broker Presentations - How to prepare your classroom volunteer for speaking to your SMG students; possible topics for discussion
  • An Interdisciplinary Approach - The possibilities for integrating the SMG program into all curriculum areas
  • How the SMG is used in an elementary classroom (Jerry Weissbuch, teacher at A.N. Pritzker Elementary, Chicago. YouTube)

Student-specific Resources

  • Letter to Parents - This editable resource gives suggested text for a letter to inform parents of your SMG unit, and to ask for their assistance, supervision or involvement at home.
  • Student Agreement for the SMG - How to strongly encourage ethical use of the team ID by all team members; an agreement they can sign.
  • SMG PowerPoint Presentations - Guidelines for a concluding activity in which student teams prepare an 8 to 10 slide presentation summarizing their portfolio management.