Past Winners

2016 SMG Winner, Jeremy Atuobi, from Saint Ignatius College Prep gave a speech at our annual American Dream Dinner about his successful experience with the Stock Market Game. Recently, Jeremy spoke with Business First AM host, Angela Miles, about his involvement in the program.

Approximately 13,000 Illinois students participate in The Stock Market Game program each semester. Student teams compete by grade level and geographic region and the top student teams in each division are recognized for their outstanding performance.

The Cabrera Statewide Award is given each school year to the top ranked team in grades 4-8 and 9-12. This award is made possible by funding from Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC. Winning teams visit the Chicago Financial District. Students also receive a cash award to put toward an investment account. Teachers receive a professional development scholarship. 

Portfolio Competition Results

2017-18 School Year

This fall, students managed their portfolios beginning as early as September 5 and ended on December 1.

Spring 2017 Chicago Awards Reception

Grades 4-8

First Place Team
Lee Elementary School
Teacher: Carl Stalla


Second Place Team
Rufus M. Hitch Elementary School

Teacher: Ray Kinzie

(Picture Unavailable) 

Third Place Team
Providence St. Mel School
Teacher: John Egan

(Picture Unavailable)

Grades 9-12

First Place Team
Providence St. Mel School
Teacher: Donald Van Beek

 Van Beek

Second Place Team
Hubbard High School
Teacher: Deborah Costigan


Third Place Team
Theodore Roosevelt High School
Teacher: Mirsad Spahovic