InvestWrite is a highly successful extension of The Stock Market Game program designed to help students sharpen critical thinking skills as they compose essays on investment related topics. The program builds a bridge between classroom learning and potential real-world investment decisions. Students are provided a topic and an investment scenario, which requires them to assess, research, and then formulate possible solutions based on their own findings, logic and ideas.

Competition is divided into three grade levels: Grades 4-5, Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-12. Ten top essays are awarded national recognition. In cases where Illinois does not have a national winner in a grade level, the top-scoring Illinois entry will be reviewed for eligibility as "State Winner." State-level awards are given at the discretion of Econ Illinois.

InvestWrite is a program of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Foundation for Investor Education. 

Who can participate?

Teachers whose students are enrolled in The Stock Market Game's simulation may write entries for InvestWrite. In some cases, the essay prompt may ask the student to reference their portfolio; in others, the question might be about relating investing to their family, or themselves.

Teachers may submit up to ten entries per SMG class for national judging. The teacher must first pre-judge the student entries, submitting those determined to be the best essays from that class.  It is hoped that a teacher will ask each student in their SMG class/es to write an essay.

Teachers will find the essay prompts, list of awards, and how to submit entries, on the InvestWrite web site.

What is the timeframe?

The InvestWrite competition is offered in the fall and again in the spring. Dates are published on the InvestWrite web site.

Results of the fall contest are announced in early January. Results of the spring contest are announced as soon as possible in May. Awards are presented by the Econ Illinois network, at an in-school ceremony of the school and teachers' choice.