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Illinois Social Science Learning Standards

Illinois has the oldest consumer education mandate in the country; initial legislation dates back to 1967, with numerous "additions" to the mandate since its inception.

Econ Illinois, first established as the Illinois Council on Economic Education in 1951, has been involved in providing economic, consumer economic, and personal finance content pedagogy, training, and support for K-12 teachers throughout the state.


The state of Illinois stands out as one of just two additional states since 2014 to include personal finance in their K-12 standards and require those standards to be taught. Econ Illinois was an instrumental part of the task force that was charged with reviewing and revising the social science standards. With this revision, the IL Social Science Standards now include financial literacy standards for the first time. Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) unanimously adopted the newly revised social science standards that include both economics and financial literacy standards in June 2015, and the state approved them in February 2016. Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, the revised social science standards will be in effect.

Illinois’ new personal finance standards are based on the Council for Economic Education’s National Standards for Financial Literacy, rooted in foundational economic concepts. Recognizing that personal finance is more than just mechanics, like how to write a check, Illinois’ standards stress the basis of skills in concepts and being flexible enough as the world changes to make smart choices.

The financial literacy standards that Illinois has adopted provide a systemic, practical and academically sound framework that promotes critical thinking as it applies to decisions about spending, saving, budgeting, and investing. Econ Illinois is the go-to organization, equipped with the skills, knowledge, curriculum, resources, and professional learning offerings that schools across Illinois need to access as they integrate these new standards into the curriculum.

Please download the applicable flyer for information and opportunities to become comfortable with integrating the new standards!

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