Economics Educator Awards 2018

Two engaging teachers will be recognized at the American Dream Dinner on May 17th. Winners of the 2018 Outstanding Economic Educator Awards will be praised for their long-standing and creative commitment to economic education. The award winners will be recognized during the dinner to be held at the Union League Club of Chicago. A reception will preceed the dinner and provide an opportunity for all guests to speak with the innovative teachers.

Outstanding Economic Educator Award winners

Criteria for the Outstanding Economic Educator Award: A long-standing commitment to teaching economics and/or personal finance in the classroom; promoting economic education in their school and district; continuous involvement in professional development programs; and student-based programs enhancing economic education curricula. Teachers receive a plaque, a cash award and are recognized at the American Dream event.

Dan Peel, Peacock Middle School

Nick Anello

Dan Peel is from Peacock Middle School in the Itasca School District #10. Mr. Peel has a long history with Econ Illinois. His longevity and commitment to economic education in the classroom has been sustained over the decades, teaching many students decision-making strategies and applying critical thinking to their studies.

He has participated in The Stock Market Game™ program (SMG) since 1985 and his students have been among winning SMG student teams. Mr. Peel's classes have also participated in the Economics Concepts Poster Contest and had a state winning poster that was featured in the annual calendar of winning posters one year. He has also attended Econ Illinois professional development programs.

“Mr. Peel has made learning economics fun over the past 47 years by including The Stock Market Game and Economics Poster Contest in his curriculum. He even has his own YouTube channel!” – Michael Frerichs, Illinois State Treasurer.

Mr. Peel was surprised at his school, where he received the plaque at a school-wide assembly.  

Vicki Fuhrhop, Collinsville Community High School 

Kristine Buckley

Vicki Fuhrhop teaches high school students and goes above and beyond in providing meaningful learning opportunities in the Collinsville Community Unit School District #10. She has been participating in Econ Illinois programming since 2012 including the Illinois Personal Finance Challenge where she typically has a arudent team that qualifies for the State Finals in Chicago. Ms. Fuhrhop seeks out professional development including conferences and workshops. She is currently pursuing the Univesity of Delaware for a Masters in Economic Education & Entrepreneurship for Educators. Ms. Fuhrhop also gives back to her community, training teachers and serving on the Educator Advisory Board for the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis.

"My son was in the group Mrs. Fuhrhop took to the Illinois Personal Finance Challenge in 2016. He was excited - and nervous - about the opportunity to travel to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for the competition. The program taught him so much information that will benefit him for the rest of his life, but there is one additional element that has stuck with him. That summer, after his graduation, our family traveled to San Francisco and was sightseeing. When we stumbled upon the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, he exclaimed, "I have to take a picture and send it to Mrs. Fuhrhop!" He sent her the photo and she excitedly replied to him. Last summer, the same thing happened when he was in New York. I think it speaks to the passion she imparts to her students. I find it interesting that my son gets excited to see a Federal Reserve Bank, but I find it endearing that he still feels compelled to share the experience with Mrs. Fuhrhop. She definitely leaves an impression on her students."

Vicki Fuhrhop is definitely a worthy recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Economic Educator Award presented by Econ Illinois.